Week #36 Simona

This week Simona …


”I am currently studying Computer Sciences at the University of Bucharest. While I have always had an inclination for mathematics and science, do not let that fool you. For the last 3 years, I have been the Editor-in-Chief of my Magazine, Teen Art Out, a social and cultural magazine addressed to teenagers and young adults.  Whether it was writing articles, correcting them, recruiting people, managing it, forming partnership or promoting the magazine, I have been involved in every step of it. It is by this that I discovered that I like doing more than programming, that I enjoy working with and for people and that I have a talent for social media and public relations.

Last year, upon becoming a member of the Youth Council for the Future, I have been elected Social Media Representative, being responsible for creative content and future strategies, working closely with both other youth members and project managers. Our main goal is to work towards the creation of a better Europe, to preserve its values and concepts, discuss current events and take a stand by giving young people a voice.

In addition to that, I have been activating as a Public Relations Office in the Student Association of my faculty, an organization with tradition and big-scale projects.

That would be who I am professionally. Personally, I enjoy watching TV Shows, listening to symphonic metal and not only, running a Tumblr blog, playing scrabble (I am a 4-times National Champion), traveling and meeting new people.”  



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