Toby strikes again!

Hello once again Europe. It’s Toby again, this time writing about all sorts of European issues and talking points. Firstly, back to where you first met me, as my time as curator of @i_am_europe, in late March I think. Highlights for me include a discussion about Europe’s best bread (which turned out to be Brot), a conversation in French (a second language of mine which I have a partial understanding of) and, on the same note, an interesting conversation about language in Primary Schools, or lack of it in England. Overall, it was a great week which encouraged me to apply to more rotation curation accounts, and even become admin to @wearemanc, an account for the people of my home city, Manchester. I encourage anyone to do it.

My European life is a sheltered one almost. I live on an island, far away from the open borders and the Euro currency mainland Europe has. This doesn’t mean however I haven’t been sheltered from the bombardment of the propaganda train the political parties wheel out at the time of an election, this time the European Elections (one life lesson I’ve learnt in my short life, IT’S ALL LIES!!!). UKIP (UK Independence Party) are a nationalist right-wing party which have been stealing the headlines and limelight in the press for the last month. They want to leave the EU, as apparently 27 million Romanians and Bulgarians are flocking to our country and we only make 25% of our laws, due to the European Parliament. I say bollocks (pardon mon français). Yes, we should have a referendum on the UK’s membership to the EU, it’s the democratic answer when a generation of Brits have never been able to have a say, but why elect a ‘fruitcake’ to do so. Anyway, as writing on Thursday night at 11pm, the votes have been cast, so the discussion is over, and nothing more can be done. Exit polls have suggested the UKIP have gained the majority of the popular vote, so don’t expect a typically warm British welcome when the European Parliament opens again. It’s a shame really.
From one European contest to another, admittedly less serious. The Eurovision Song Contest. The ‘Bearded Lady’ won. Hurrah! It may not of been the best song (The Netherlands’ song was by far the best), but it was Europe metaphorically sticking two fingers up at anti-homosexual viewpoints, and Russia in general (admit it, you laughed every time Russia was booed in the hall, I did). As for the UK’s chances, we were the bookies joint-favourites before the contest, but still ended up on the right side of the board. We always do. Why do we bother? Simple. It’s great fun!
Well Europe, it’s been nice talking to you again. I’ve been @Toby_Hancock and I hope you don’t feel like you’ve wasted two minutes reading my little piece. If the last month has taught Europeans one thing, it should be not to waste you’re right to the vote. It’s what our ancestors fought for. Bonsoir Europe.


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