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This week Stuart…


 “Born and brought up in the South West of England, I now live and work in London. My work has taken me to every part of the UK as well as France, Ireland and Luxembourg, and I’m regularly in Brussels. I used to live in the United States too, when I was at university.
I love to travel and have visited about three-dozen European countries, most recently tiny Andorra. I love Scandinavia, and have just started to learn Swedish.”


This week Nicolai …


” Born on Bornholm, Denmark, many years ago. Grew up near Roskilde since the age of nine and then moved to Aarhus to study theology after ending secondary school. Went to Serbia in 2001 with Danish students to experience orthodox Christianity, and it was love at first sight—both orthodoxy and the girl who would later become my wife and mother of our twins, a boy and a girl, who are almost nine years today. For the last ten years I’ve been working as an English teacher on a boarding school, north of Copenhagen, but I am currently located in Novi Sad, Serbia—still teaching English, and potentially also Danish. I love taking pictures and making short videos! What better window for sharing your point of view could you actually think of ?” @


From Denmark Kim aka @kimtdk…


” Living in Denmark for the most of my life. Lived and worked in Poland for 7 months back in 2001.
I am married and we have to children at the age of 8 and 10. My hobbies are photography and mountain biking.
I live with my family i the beautiful northern part of Jutland close to the sea and Rold Skov – the greatest forest in Denmark.
I usually work with sales, mobility and management. I am currently unemployed which means I have even more time to spend with my family and hobbies.”

Week #40 DAVID

This week David…


“Work in Sports development, mainly tennis. Trains junior players from beginners to national standard, run a large schools programme. Work for Streetgames, a national sports charity that works in the 20% most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. Help clubs in the network with strategic planning and fundraising, and work on larger funding bids for the charity. Volunteer at Book Aid International an international charity that sends book and trains librarians in sub-Saharan africa in their corporate fundraising team. Enjoy good food and drink, reading, going to the cinema. Love skiing!” @

Week #39 Anna

Curator of the week Anna…


“Grias eich! I am Anna, 16 years old and born and raised in Austria. I enjoy studying foreign languages, experimenting with hairdye and travelling.” @VulpesViridis

Week #38 Nina

This week Nina…


” I grew up in a small seaside town in Dorset UK. I have lived in Brighton for five years and I love it. I work as an administrator in the local university, and I hope to train as a teacher in the future.

I am passionate about education and accessibility. In my free time I like to photograph and wander around. I like seeing places and hearing music I have never heard before.”