Week #29 Sally

This week Sally …


    ” My name is Sally, I live in Antwerp, Belgium.
I studied political communication and international relations. I would love to become the twitter person for Europe for one week. Social media is very important to me and I use it on a daily basis. I tweet about different topics. In my first master I wrote my thesis about branding of the European Union, and I strongly believe that actions like this one is a good way to make a better connection between Europe and its citizens. Investments like these can help to raise the awareness of the EU. I would love to contribute to this.”   


Week #26 Rachel

This week…


”I’m Rachel, originally from Shropshire in the UK, now living in Munich, Germany. I work as an editor for an advertising agency, and have my own blog about arts and culture in Munich – www.artsinmunich.com. Besides that, I enjoy hiking (I hiked Kilimanjaro in 2012), travel and good books. I’ve curated I_amGermany twice now, and would love to curate for I_am-europe too!”