Week #26 Rachel

This week…


”I’m Rachel, originally from Shropshire in the UK, now living in Munich, Germany. I work as an editor for an advertising agency, and have my own blog about arts and culture in Munich – www.artsinmunich.com. Besides that, I enjoy hiking (I hiked Kilimanjaro in 2012), travel and good books. I’ve curated I_amGermany twice now, and would love to curate for I_am-europe too!”


Week #22


This week Paul aka 


”I was born in Cyprus in 1978 to a  Greek Cypriot father and a British mother. My parents moved to the UK in 1980 and I was raised and educated here. I obtained a first class degree in international politics and classical studies at Keele University in 2001, a choice of subjects heavily influenced by my background, and have since worked in higher education and in professional regulation. I also worked for British Quakers for two years as a London-based fundraiser for their humanitarian work around the world.  Today, I’m a policymaker for the General Medical Council, the body regulating doctors in the UK. Exploring how to regulate a national profession in a global age is a constant and fascinating challenge. I live in Bedfordshire with my wife and two small sons, and in my spare time I write comedy (mainly for http://www.newsbiscuit.com), write and edit freelance (www.wordfuel.co.uk), and teach myself to play the ukulele (because why not?).”